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It’s taken a while to arrive, but Summer is finally here, and the sun has graced us with an appearance!

It’s the season for shorts, sunglasses and sandals, but what if you’re stuck in the office without a single air-con unit in sight? Very quickly, dreamy tropical climates can become spaces of stuffy and sticky nightmares.

Worry not air-con less friends, we’re here to recover the enjoyment of Summer-time working and help you stay cool in the process!

1. Use fans

Fans are great for lowering your body’s temperature and make you feel cooler by running air over your skin.  It’s worth noting, fans cool you down, not the air around you, so while using them take care not to leave any on when you leave a room/office. It’s also worth noting fans can dry out your throat so it’s best not to keep them too close to your face and to stay hydrated. You can buy a fan to keep yourself cool on our website.

2. Drink more iced/cold drinks

We all love a good cuppa or a coffee, especially while working to keep the energy levels up and keep us alert. In the Summer time however, drinking hot teas and coffees will leave you feeling that more than just the beans in your cup were roasted! Try mixing things up by getting your energy boost with a delicious cup of iced tea or coffee, perfect for those hot afternoons in both keeping you cool and alert. Visit our site to buy your chilled coffees and iced teas and stay energised while staying cool.

Not a tea or coffee fan? Fill up a freezable (preferably non-plastic) bottle of your favourite squash the night before and keep it on your desk and stay hydrated with a tasty and cooling slushie as it defrosts throughout the day!

3. Break out the Summer (work-appropriate) wardrobe

A full suit, or long dress with a blazer is far from comfortable when the sun is out in full force! Switching out the layers for sleeveless shirts, business dresses and other more breathable business attire maintains a professional look, while allowing you to feel freer and stay naturally more ventilated. Summer provides a great excuse to add a little more colour into your work outfits and to try out different styles for the season. Give it a try yourself and switch up your Summer wardrobe.

4. Eat more peppermint

Due to its high menthol content, peppermint gives the sensation of feeling cooler. Peppermint is a great accompaniment for the workplace during the hotter months and there’s various ways to enjoy it. From chewing gum to iced peppermint teas and mint drops, you can browse and buy your peppermint supplies from our web store ready for the Summer season.

So, there you have our Summer-cooling tips and tricks to ensure more comfortable working during the sunny season. Which one are you excited to try? Do you know of any more tips for beating the Summer heat?  Let us know in the comments section  below.