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Plastic, what about it?

Plastic, an increasingly popular topic and a main point of concern for businesses and communities alike, but why is there so much attention on the subject?

Plastic was invented in the early 1900’s and became mass produced shortly after the Second World War due to its low cost of production. Fast-forward to the present however and it seems there’s been a different price that’s been paid globally.

It’s almost impossible to flick through a news station or through social media without seeing mountains of the substance, or the impact its had on wildlife and our Eco-systems.

What’s being done? 

Many businesses and communities are taking large measures to tackle the increasing plastic waste issue, and the good news you can too!

Here’s our four ways you can reduce plastic waste in your workplace and help your environment in the process.

1. Carry out a waste audit

A quick and easy win for your office is to keep track of plastic (and other) waste. Knowing what’s being thrown out on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis is a step in knowing how to minimise it and a way of measuring progress along the way.

Lets say for example, there’s a large amount of plastic waste generated from office lunches then you may introduce initiatives to encourage packed lunches with paper bags to reduce this waste output.

2.  Install a water dispenser

The UK produces around 13 billion plastic bottles a year (2017) and according to the Metro, only recycles around 50% of them.

 Water dispensers encourage the use of repeated water containers as well as the use of recyclable drinking cups and can drastically cut down on wastage surrounding single use plastic water bottles.

You can help reduce the use of single use plastic bottles in your office by buying your water dispenser and drinking cups on our site.

3. Make workplace recycling accessible and fun

Reducing plastic waste and recycling doesn’t have to be mundane. In fact it can even be fun!

Installing recyclable bins on various floors and splitting the office into teams to see who can recycle the most can build workplace rapport and create a buzz within the office which can lead to increased motivation and productivity.

You can buy your recycle starter packs on our online store and start reducing waste while creating more of an office buzz today.

4. Provide and encourage reusable kitchenware

Whether it’s tea/ coffee breaks, staff lunches or social work events like BBQ’s and picnics, dropping plastic cutlery and replacing it with re usable cutlery can have various economical and financial advantages.

Give it a go and save money, waste and your environment by making sure you invest in reusable cutlery.

And there you have our four ways to reduce plastic at work and help protect the environment in the process.

Which did you find helpful, and which one are you excited to try?