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Five ways office setups affect employee wellbeing

74% of UK employees state they aren’t happy with their current offices, which is, perhaps, telling, considering 45% of all UK working days are lost due to ill health caused by stress. Considering UK employees have the longest working week in the EU, averaging at 42.3 hours, it’s important that the environments they work in are safe, welcoming and collaborative, […]

Top three approaches for a successful 2019

We’re now in the early stages of 2019, and along with a new year comes the exciting possibility of development for most people. Whether they be personal or professional goals for employers or employees. Here are our top three approaches you can use to make 2019 a year of progress and development, both personally and professionally. […]

The evolution of office technology, from the 90s to now

New office technology has driven a host of dramatic changes to our working lives since the 1990s. With the help of Brother, we’ve taken a look at how new technology in the office, along with the introduction of new security and data privacy legislation, has changed since the 1990s. The evolution of the office computer […]

Celebrating Easter At the Office

The excitement of walking down the isles filled with Easter eggs in the supermarkets is not the only place you can get into the Easter spirit.  When you work in an office, holidays are the perfect excuse to bring some joy and feel-good activities to the normal 9-5 working day. Choose some of your favourites […]

The Importance of Branding

In the past, branding has been perceived as elements that allow consumers to identify a service or product. Through identifiers such as the company logo, slogan, colours, design or a combination of these, companies worked hard, and still do, to try and make their identity as strong as possible to succeed in branding. However, branding […]