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Key tips for helping your business and workforce grow with change management

The marketplace, just like anything in life continues to change. Customers change, the competition changes and so do emerging technologies (Suttle 2018). It’s important then for businesses to remain up to date and observant to be able to adapt to these changes efficiently. Change can however sometimes be easier said than done and have a […]

Celebrating Easter At the Office

The excitement of walking down the isles filled with Easter eggs in the supermarkets is not the only place you can get into the Easter spirit.  When you work in an office, holidays are the perfect excuse to bring some joy and feel-good activities to the normal 9-5 working day. Choose some of your favourites […]

The Importance of Branding

In the past, branding has been perceived as elements that allow consumers to identify a service or product. Through identifiers such as the company logo, slogan, colours, design or a combination of these, companies worked hard, and still do, to try and make their identity as strong as possible to succeed in branding. However, branding […]