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Natural methods to reduce blood pressure in the workplace

In respect of May Measurement Month, we thought we’d feature our latest blog on blood pressure. High blood pressure affects more than one in four adults in the UK and is the third biggest risk factor for premature death, so it’s no small issue be ignored or avoided. But fear not, there are simple and […]

How to reduce workplace stress and its affects

Work, it can be a great source of pride and joy when you’re doing what you love, but it can also be a large contributor of anxiety and stress in our lives. Roughly half a million people in the UK suffer with work related stress and every individual affected by work-related stress lost an average […]

Healthier elevenses eating in the workplace

Managing a good work/life balance as well as maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle can be tricky and all of us can struggle with the balance from time to time. Only 41% of us manage to get just two of our five a day whereas averagely we reach for the  more tasty and unhealthy […]

Five ways office setups affect employee wellbeing

74% of UK employees state they aren’t happy with their current offices, which is, perhaps, telling, considering 45% of all UK working days are lost due to ill health caused by stress. Considering UK employees have the longest working week in the EU, averaging at 42.3 hours, it’s important that the environments they work in are safe, welcoming and collaborative, […]

How to fight the flu in the office during flu season

It’s flu season, which means germs and other unpleasant microscopic creepy crawlies are rife within the workplace and our offices. Take back control and protect yourself with these simple and easy ways to stay fit and healthy during the flu season. Tip 1: Wash your hands & wipe down surfaces  The working environment allows the […]

6 Ways to be healthier in the workplace

It’s often said the only thing any of us really have is our health. That’s why it’s important to promote and preserve good health wherever possible, whether in our personal or our professional lives. As the expression says, our health is our wealth! We’ve put together a list of simple ways you can use to […]