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The long-awaited Spring season has finally made an appearance! Once shudderingly cold commutes have been replaced with warmer, milder mornings and the warmer weather is a signal it’s time to clear out the make-shift hibernation holes.

Cleaning the office may seem like a big task, but with these simple tips, you’ll have a sparkling clean office ready for spring in no time!

Here are five fabulous tips for effectively Spring cleaning your office.


Clear your desk clutter

messy desk.jpeg


Your desk should only have the most important items needed for quick and easy access such as a computer, laptop, notepad and pens.

The idea is to have the things needed close to hand to perform as efficiently as possible. Only keeping the necessary items on your desk will clear space by default and help you be more productive through not needing to sift through items that serve no value.


Organise paperwork


Although technology has advanced and electronic/ paperless solutions like papercloud are available, becoming totally paperless is virtually impossible. Stacked folders, notepads and documents are piles that can easily form on desk.

Simply moving documents and papers to a set of drawers or a cabinet can free up a lot of desk space and allow for better organisation. You can buy your drawers to improve your organisation on our website.


Give your office space a wipe down

spring cleaning kit

With new-found space from clearing desk clutter you’re going to want to give your space a proper wipe down. Using multi purpose wipes cleans unwanted dirt and dust while using anti bacterial wipes kills any germs loitering from flu season.

Giving your office space a thorough wipe down will not only help you feel better, your space will also smell fresh as most antibacterial wipes are scented, leaving you in a refreshed space and mind for the working days ahead. You can buy your multipurpose wipes by visiting our online web store.


Clear your bin

rubbish bin

Clearing out your office space and having a clear desk can be great, but if it’s all gone into the bin underneath your desk it’s not a huge improvement.

Clear your bin and you’ll feel more liberated and focused as you’ll have more space and less visual distractions around you. In need of a new bin? You can buy yours on the facilities area of our website.


Do away with dust 

dusty book

With your new improved, spacious and sparkling office, the last thing to do is dust your area. Dust any windowsills, drawers, cabinets and other furnishings for a sheen finish to take you into the new spring season feeling fresh for spring 2019!

So there you have our five key approaches to quick and effective spring cleaning for the new season. What are you keen to get started on first?

Have any other tips that are useful for the office spring clean? Share your top tips by commenting in the comment section below.