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Creating your ideal ‘Work From Home’ set up

2020 has brought many changes to our lives which take some adjusting to. One of those changes for a lot of us has been to move our work from the office into our homes. This can easily tip the scales of a healthy work/life balance. Working from home can have its perks – that hour commute can become an hour of yoga, walking your dog, doing the washing to free your weekend, less alarm-snoozing and more actual snoozing!
But it can also make it harder to switch off in the evenings/weekends if you don’t have a separate office. Here at Pukka we want to embrace the positive opportunities working from home brings. Below are some top tips to help you adjust and make the most of WFH.

Create a dedicated workspace

It can be tempting to sneak
your laptop and duvet onto your sofa but having a dedicated space to work will improve your productivity and help you switch off at the end of the day. Embrace the opportunity to have fun decorating your workspace to fit in seamlessly with your home décor, show your personality and brighten up your WFH area.
As we move into the winter months it’s especially important to brighten up the darker mornings. Invest in a desk plant and a fun, beautiful notepad to start your day off with a smile. The Pukka Pastels range is great for holding onto those summer vibes. The range includes matching notepads of various sizes, pencil cases and files so your space can be organised as well as aesthetically pleasing. Create an inspiring WFH set up with the Glee Range. The stylish geometric, iridescent designs will increase your motivation.

Stay focused

WFH can mean less opportunity to get up from your chair – meetings have become video calls and a long commute now equals walking downstairs. This can impact on your posture and productivity, so it’s good to get up every now and then to stretch, make a drink and even better to get out for a lunchtime walk. Clearing your head with some fresh air will also help you refocus when faced with those extra distractions at home. Without the buzz of the office and less social contact, you can find yourself drifting into a daydream and reaching for your phone.
Keep on track and stay focused with the Carpe Diem Daily Planner, Weekly Planner and Magnetic to Do List to priorities your tasks. Project books are a great way to keep your tasks separated and organised. Pukka Pad Project Books are the perfect notebook to stay focused, with repositioning dividers, you can tear out and move them if you have one project larger than others.
Stationery doesn’t have to be boring! Create a workspace that inspires you to work hard and express your thoughts on paper! Follow us on our Instagram and Facebook and let us show you our favourite desk essentials.