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Having a break is good for both physical and mental health. By stepping away from your desk and phone while stretching your legs and releasing any stress, you are doing more than just taking a break.

Here are 10 mini ways that can make your break even more enjoyable.

  • Positivity

As you switch off from work mode, just have a wonder or sit down outside and reflect on the positives in your life. Stray away from negative thoughts and focus three things that you are grateful for to help you keep pushing forward.


  • Challenge yourself

Tired of looking at spreadsheets or answering work calls? Distract your brain with something else! From an online quiz or puzzle to playing table football or cards with a colleague.


  • Use your spare time wisely

When you finally put your feet up after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do now is hit the gym or go for a run. So, why not use your break to get your heart rate up during the middle of the day? Not only will it give you a boost of energy for the remainder of your work, you will boost your mood and not have to feel guilty for not going on the evening!


  • Treat yourself

From exercise to remembering to treat yourself, don’t forget to indulge in a cup of coffee and small snack to give you motivation to get the job done.


  • Explore and engage on social media

Use your time to browse the web and see what your friends have been up to. Perhaps, you will come across a funny video that will lighten your mood or see a post from your friend that cheers you up. Facebooks highest engagement runs between 12-2pm, the perfect opportunity to get involved during your lunch break!


  • Short walks

Taking a short walk is an excellent way to clear your head and put your priorities into perspective.

Undertaking a brisk 30-minute walk will also go a long way to helping achieve the 150-minutes of moderate aerobic activity the NHS recommends we get every week. I like to walk around the old town where my office is based, there is also access to a canal route which is perfect on a summers day.


  • Prepare now, relax later

Need to get some groceries for tonight’s dinner? Don’t wait until after work, go during your break and pick up what you need. This will give you more time after work to relax and chill. Sometimes, I like to write my list before I go to work so that then I can focus on the list and not get distracted by other, more appealing isles!


  • Browse for your next holiday

You might not want to book anything yet… but browsing can be just as rewarding! Pick up some holiday brochures or search online for your next holiday destination. Fantasising about being on the beach next year while sipping on margaritas can significantly improve your mentality. Trust me, I know!


  • Time to explore

Change your environment. Get out of your office space and go explore the town or village that you work in. Walk round corners you haven’t before, pop into small shops and refresh your mind with curiosity.


  • Relax

When you leave your office, switch off from work and relax. Spend your time with your loved ones giving them your full attention. Watch your favourite TV shows, eat healthily and take time to clear your mind.




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