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Fairtrade fortnight is here from 26th to 11 March and were here to ask you to join us in supporting the farmers and workers who grow our food.

We do all that we can to ensure we supply Fairtrade products in our facility supplies catalogue. By supporting Fairtrade, millions of famers are able to invest in their communities and build a better future.

In honour of Fairtrade fortnight, we ask that you join us in swapping your grocery items for Fairtrade items. See a few of our selected Fairtrade items and do your part by jumping on board.

  1. Fairtrade Coffee

Coffee is always a home and office essential, Fairtrade coffee supplied by us includes, Nescafé Partners Blend, Café Direct, Clipper, Taylors Coffee and Percol Organic.

With plenty of brands to choose from you can’t go wrong in supporting Fairtrade coffee and getting the best flavours and kick-start benefits from the morning brew!

     2. Fairtrade Tea

For all the tea lovers, why not enjoy your cuppa while knowing you have helped a farmer and his family by selecting a Fairtrade tea product?

We have plenty for you to choose from. Starting with your tradition English breakfast to flavoured options. Grab Fairtrade English Garden Breakfast tea in the form of a large 1100 pack or if you wanted less you might prefer a 440 pack of Fairtrade Tea Direct Tea Bags. For the healthy organic buyers, why not try Clipper Fairtrade Organic teas which comes in variety of delicious flavours (Green, Redbush, Red Fruits, Berry).

      3. Fairtrade Sugar

Make your sugar even sweeter by supporting Fairtrade sugar. British consumers and businesses choosing Fairtrade sugar have sent more than £5 million in Fairtrade premiums back to sugarcane smallholders over the last year.

We supply Fairtrade sugar sticks and sachets as well as Fairtrade sugar dispensers


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