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While working from home has many advantages there are also some downsides to it. Most home office workplaces are not as properly equipped as regular offices – especially when it comes to adjustable desks and chairs. This can result in back aches, neck problems, shoulder soreness and many other issues caused by bad posture. This guide will support you to set up an ergonomic home office with simple tips.

Sitting-Standing Dynamics for a healthier Workplace

Variety is key for a healthy mix during your work day. The ideal share of working positions during the day is 60% sitting, 30% standing and 10% moving.

Standing up for 15 minutes per hour while you work will burn 20,000 more calories per year. This corresponds to 6 full marathons a year and will make you healthier and happier.

More Advantages of Working while Standing are:

•     Less fatigue at work

•     Higher concentration

•     Faster reaction times

•     Saves time resulting in higher productivity

•     Brain performance improves

•     Trains the back and leg muscles to relieve pressure on the spine

•     Decrease in neck tension and back problems

•     Prevention of cardiovascular disease by stimulating the heart and blood circulation

•     Higher motivation and job satisfaction with less absenteeism

Try Active Sitting with the Leitz Ergo Cosy Sit Stand Stool 2 in 1

The Leitz Ergo Sit Stand Stool allows the flexibility to move between sitting and standing while you work, encouraging muscle movement, improving posture and increasing energy levels. You can burn extra calories by swivelling and rocking while you work and the height of the stool height can be easily adjusted. 2 in 1 as you can adjust the height to a perfect sitting height similar to an office chair but also to a perfect standing support height with a significant higher range than other standard stools.