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A little ‘greenery’ for the scenery

Introducing office plants to the work environment provides various positive effects within the workplace, ranging from mental health advantages to physical benefits. Not convinced? We’ll show you how adding a little touch of nature to your office will leave you feeling nothing but “good chives” for you and your colleagues.

Plants reduce stress

Plants can help reduce workplace stress, anxiety and help reduce fatigue. However, the benefit doesn’t stop there. A physical benefit can be observed when stress and anxiety is reduced, helping keep cortisol levels and blood pressure in check.

Plants increase productivity and help retain employees

Desk plants like Peace lilies bring an organic touch, to what can typically be an artificial and grey setting. Research suggests being around our potted pals transitions the brain into a different processing mode, enabling us to feel more relaxed, allowing us to perform better.

Plants clean the air

Through photosynthesis, plants breathe in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen as a by-product, where we do the opposite. Having plants in the office helps keep the air clean by absorbing some of the gasses we exhale, they also remove other chemicals, making it cleaner for humans to breathe in. Now that’s a breath of fresh air!

They reduce sick days

Research shows an increased wellbeing score for office workers who had plants within their working environments. It’s also believed having plants within the workplace can reduce the risk of sick building syndrome, proving to have a preventative effect on ill health, meaning fewer sick days needed to be taken for sick employees.

The pros of plants 

So, as we take our “leaf”, you can see the benefits of adding a potted plant into your working space. There’s lots of indoor plants to choose from! Which one are you going to get to utilise plant power for your office?