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How to keep cool at work in Summer (without air-con)

It’s taken a while to arrive, but Summer is finally here, and the sun has graced us with an appearance! It’s the season for shorts, sunglasses and sandals, but what if you’re stuck in the office without a single air-con unit in sight? Very quickly, dreamy tropical climates can become spaces of stuffy and sticky […]

How to reduce workplace stress and its affects

Work, it can be a great source of pride and joy when you’re doing what you love, but it can also be a large contributor of anxiety and stress in our lives. Roughly half a million people in the UK suffer with work related stress and every individual affected by work-related stress lost an average […]

5 effective tips for spring cleaning your office

The long-awaited Spring season has finally made an appearance! Once shudderingly cold commutes have been replaced with warmer, milder mornings and the warmer weather is a signal it’s time to clear out the make-shift hibernation holes. Cleaning the office may seem like a big task, but with these simple tips, you’ll have a sparkling clean […]

Healthier elevenses eating in the workplace

Managing a good work/life balance as well as maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle can be tricky and all of us can struggle with the balance from time to time. Only 41% of us manage to get just two of our five a day whereas averagely we reach for the  more tasty and unhealthy […]

Top tips for staying safe while working in winter

The warm touch of bright summer mornings and evenings have been replaced with autumn’s colder grasp. Bright & warm mornings/evenings have been substituted with cold, dark ones and the welcoming summer glow has transitioned into a welcoming committee of frosted car windows and icy pavements. As we transition from Autumn slowly into Winter, the change […]